Eric Clapton EC Was Here 1974

EC Was Here is a live album by Eric Clapton recorded on tour in 1974 and 75. This was his first tour since he disbanded Derek & the Dominos.

Eric Clapton EC Was Here Overall Review Rating – ?/30

Eric Clapton EC Was HereEric Clapton EC Was Here Set List Rating – 8/10

A 46 minute set where Eric Clapton focuses on the blues whilst also acknowledging his after Cream output.

  1. Have You Ever Loved a Woman – 7:49 (from the Layla album by Derek & the Dominos)
  2. Presence of the Lord – 6:40 (Blind Faith)
  3. Driftin’ Blues – 11:30 (blues standard first done by Clapton on this album)
  4. Can’t Find My Way Home – 5:18 (Blind Faith)
  5. Ramblin’ on My Mind – 7:38 (Robert Johnson song first recorded by Clapton with the Bluesbreakers)
  6. Further on Up the Road – 7:30 (first appearance of Clapton’s version of this Bobby Bland song)

I think that it’s a shame this album hasn’t been extended like many of the other single live albums from the 70s.

I give the set list 8/10 because it’s so short but the quality is consistently high.

Eric Clapton EC Was Here Performance Rating – ?/10

Review to come.

Eric Clapton EC Was Here Atmosphere & Authenticity Rating – ?/10

Review to come

Total Rating For EC Was Here by Eric Clapton

I’m expecting a rating of around 23 or 24

What Others Say About EC Was Here

This album doesn’t feature in any of the best live albums ever lists that I’ve seen. It wasn’t heavily promoted and didn’t have the commercial success of Just One Night.

Reviews on Amazon are very positive.


What Do You Think About EC Was Here?

Do you think this album is one of the best live recordings from Clapton?

Or do you think that he was better earlier or later in his career?

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