J Geils Band Blow Your Face Out 1975

Blow Your Face Out is the second live album recorded by the J Geils Band and catches the group in concert at Boston Garden, Boston on November 15, 1975 and at Cobo Hall, Detroit on November 19, 1975.

As their 1972 live album, Full House showed, the J Geils Band were best experienced live.

J Geils Band Blow Your Face Out

J Geils Band Blow Your Face Out

Set List

  1. Southside Shuffle – 4:16 (Bloodshot)
  2. Back To Get Ya – 4:38 (Bloodshot)
  3. Shoot Your Shot – 3:56 (cover of Junior Walker song)
  4. Must Of Got Lost – 6:34 (Nightmares…and Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle)
  5. Where Did Our Love Go – 4:00 (cover of song made famous by The Supremes)
  6. Truck Drivin’ Man – 1:52 (cover of a Terry Fell song)
  7. Love-Itis – 4:05 (Hotline)
  8. Intro/Lookin’ For A Love – 2:06 (longer version on Full House & the studio album The Morning After)
  9. Ain’t Nothin’ But A Houseparty – 5:04 (Bloodshot)
  10. So Sharp – 2:38 (The Morning After)
  11. Detroit Breakdown – 6:25 (Nightmares…and Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle)
  12. Chimes – 8:56 (Ladies Invited)
  13. Sno-Cone – 3:04 (The J Geils Band)
  14. Wait – 3:44 (The J Geils Band)
  15. Raise Your Hand – 4:08 (cover of the Eddie Floyd song)
  16. Start All Over Again – 2:21 (Bloodshot)
  17. Give It To Me – 6:52 (Bloodshot)

Only one song is duplicated from Full House and it’s much shorter here. Instead we’ve got five songs from the 1973 studio album Bloodshot and some great covers.

It’s a another terrific performance from the J Geils Band. They must have been fantastic to see stomp and strut their stuff on stage.

You may hate rap eighties and nineties style but I think you’re going to love Pete Wolf’s rap introduction to Must Have Got Lost.

Have a party. Get into the groove… get this album. This is good time music done exceptionally well. This gets you hot and the fire never goes out. You listen to it and the impulse to hit the replay button is irresistible. I’ve have a lot of trouble stopping playing this, it’s addictive.

Here are the J Geils Band in concert playing Must Have Got Lost in 1977

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