Bonnie Raitt Road Tested 1995

Road Tested is a live album by Bonnie Raitt and her band.

It was recorded at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California at her concerts between July 11th to 19th, 1995.

While she released her first studio album in 1971, it wasn’t until November 1995 that she recorded and released this, her first official live album.

It comes in two forms:

  • A double CD with 22 songs (various codes see discogs).
  • A single CD with 16 songs (code 7243 8 36077 2 3)

I think the 22 track version is for North America and the single CD is for Europe. Certainly I bought the shorter version, unaware that there was a more extensive album. If the same thing happens to you, the Amazon mp3 Autorip has all 22 songs and they can all be bought individually.

There is also a DVD called Road Tested.

Bonnie Raitt Road Tested

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Songs On Bonnie Raitt Road Tested

CD 1

  1. Thing Called Love – 4:48 (originally on the studio album Nick Of Time)
  2. Three Time Loser – 3:38 (Sweet Forgiveness) (not on 16 song version)
  3. Love Letter – 4:38 (Nick Of Time) (not on 16 song version)
  4. Never Make Your Move Too Soon – 3:32
  5. Something To Talk About – 3:43 (Luck Of The Draw) (not on 16 song version)
  6. Matters Of The Heart – 4:59
  7. Shake A Little – 4:39
  8. Have A Heart – 5:45 (Nick Of Time) (not on 16 song version)
  9. Love Me Like A Man – 5:11 (Give It Up)
  10. The Kokomo Medley – 5:00
  11. Louise – 3:46 (Sweet Forgiveness) (not on 16 song version)
  12. Dimming Of The Day – 4:18 (Longing in Their Hearts)

CD 2

  1. Longing In Their Hearts – 5:02 (Longing in Their Hearts)
  2. Come To Me – 5:02 (Luck Of The Draw) (not on 16 song version)
  3. Love Sneakin’ Up On You – 3:52 (Longing in Their Hearts)
  4. Burning Down The House – 4:02
  5. I Can’t Make You Love Me – 5:44 (Luck Of The Draw)
  6. Feeling Of Falling – 6:44 (Longing in Their Hearts) (not on 16 song version)
  7. I Believe I’m In Love With You – 4:20
  8. Rock Steady – 4:12
  9. My Opening Farewell – 4:57 (Sweet Forgiveness)
  10. Angel From Montgomery – 5:16 (Streetlights)

The six songs that aren’t on the 16 track single CD (that I bought when I didn’t know better) are:- Three Time Loser,  Love Letter, Something To Talk About, Louise, Come To Me and Feeling Of Falling

Various special guests are featured on this album including Bryan Adams, Jackson Browne and Bruce Hornsby.

This is excellent live album that helps to popularise blues and blues rock as it edges into classic rock territory.


Buying Road Tested

It is available from

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal. The safest way to get the longer version is probably to buy the mp3 or a CD with Amazon’s autorip.

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