J Geils Band Full House 1972

Full House is the first live album by the J Geils Band, recorded at The Cinderella Ballroom, Detroit on April 21-22, 1972.

If you love full blooded, R&B based rock you need to hear the first two live albums by the J Geils Band – Full House and Blow Your Face Out. Both do a great job of capturing the excitement of their live shows.

J Geils Band Full House

J Geils Band Full House

Set List

  1. First I Look At The Purse – 3:56 (J Geils Band)
  2. Homework – 2:34 (J Geils Band)
  3. Pack Fair And Square – 1:41 (J Geils Band)
  4. Whammer Jammer – 2:21 (The Morning After)
  5. Hard Drivin’ Man – 4:23 (J Geils Band)
  6. Serves You Right to Suffer – 9:32 (J Geils Band)
  7. Cruisin’ For A Love – 3:32 (J Geils Band)
  8. Looking For A Love – 4:55 (The Morning After)

Six songs from the band’s self-titled first album and two from their second (The Morning After) give a clear indication that the J Geils Band didn’t feel that their incendiary live sound was captured in the studio.

It’s not a surprise because you won’t believe the energy captured in this performance until you get a chance to hear it.

I will be writing a full review.

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