Captain Beefheart Live At My Father’s Place 1978

I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do Live At My Fathers Place 1978 is a live album by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

It was recorded at a very small club called My Father’s Place in Roslyn, New York in 1978 as a limited edition CD but it’s freely available as an mp3 download.

Captain Beefheart Live At My Father's Place 1978

Songs On Captain Beefheart I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do Live At My Father’s Place 1978

Tropical Hot Dog Night – 4:36
Nowdays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man – 5:07
Owed T’Alex – 5:20
Dropout Boggie – 3:13
Harry Irene – 3:46
Abba Zabba – 3:44
Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles – 4:12
Old Fart At Play – 2:26
Well – 3:55
Ice Rose – 3:56
Moonlight On Vermont – 3:52
The Floppy Boot Stomp – 4:19
You Know You Are A Man – 3:26
Bat Chain Puller – 5:55
Apes-Ma – 0:47
When I See Mommy, I Feel Like A Mummy – 6:04
Veteran’s Day Poppy – 9:11
Safe As Milk – 5:23
Suction Prints – 4:41

Captain Beefheart is an artist that fits into the category of strangely interesting (or is that interestingly strange) but he’s also quite a scary artist to try to sample. It doesn’t seem right to opt for a compilation but a live album (and this one in particular) is a great place to start developing your taste for the Captain.


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