What Is The Best Live Album By Captain Beefheart?

Captain Beefheart is one of those artists that are “interesting” but also quite intimidating.

His music is strange and odd but, when the ideas work, his songs are also compelling.

It’s impossible to say something along the lines of “he’s similar to…” because he’s unique. I’m having a tough enough job accepting that this is blues rock.

The idea of buying a Captain Beefheart compilation feels wrong to me. He didn’t have hit singles.

While you could try one of the better known studio albums like Trout Mask Replica or Safe As Milk I think buying a live album makes sense provided you buy the right live album.

To help you, I’m asking the established Captain Beefheart fans to vote…

What Is The Best Live Album By Captain Beefheart?

What Are The THREE Best Live Albums By Captain Beefheart?

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I’m dipped my toe into this strange world twice… with Merseytrout that I thought was disappointing and with I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do Live At My Father’s Place which is much more satisfying.

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