Robin Trower Live 1975

Live is the first live album by rock guitarist Robin Trower and was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in February 1975.

Robin Trower Live

Robin Trower Live

Set List

  1. Too Rolling Stoned (originally on the studio album Bridge of Sighs)
  2. Daydream (Twice Removed from Yesterday)
  3. Rock Me Baby (Twice Removed from Yesterday)
  4. Lady Love (Bridge of Sighs)
  5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Twice Removed from Yesterday)
  6. Alethea (For Earth Below)
  7. Little Bit of Sympathy (Bridge of Sighs)

Twice Removed from Yesterday and Bridge of Sighs are the two studio albums that are regarded as his best work after leaving Procol Harem. It’s a shame that it is only 41minutes long because it feels over too quickly. It’s a shame that more tracks were added when it was remastered in 2011.

The concert was originally a radio broadcast and Robin Trower is said to have not realised that it was also being recorded for a potential live album.

The group at this stage were:

  • Robin Trower – guitar
  • James Dewar – bass, vocals
  • Bill Lordan – drums

What Other People Say About Robin Trower Live

Not much. Robin Trower was often accused of being a Jimi Hendrix imitator but if you’re going to copy, you may as well copy the best.

I’ve seen the album on one best live albums list. That was:     60

Reviewers at Amazon enjoy it.


Buying Robin Trower Live

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