Eric Clapton 24 Nights 1990 1991

24 Nights is an Eric Clapton live album recorded during long stints at the Royal Albert Hall, London in 1990 and 1991. It includes five songs from the Journeyman album he was promoting at the time.

During these concerts Clapton was experimenting with different formats of backing band – 4-piece, blues, 9-piece and orchestra nights and all of these are captured on 24 Nights.

A well structured play list stops the album sounding like a messy mixture as each format is grouped together.

Eric Clapton 24 Nights

Eric Clapton 24 Nights

24 Nights Set List

Disc One

  1. Badge – 6:51 – 10/02/1991 – 4-piece (from the Cream album Goodbye)
  2. Running On Faith – 6:49 – 24/01/1990 – 4-piece (Journeyman)
  3. White Room – 6:10 – 24/01/1990 – 4-piece  (from the Cream album Wheels Of Fire)
  4. Sunshine Of Your Love – 9:11 – 24/01/1990 – 4-piece (from the Cream album Disraeli Gears)
  5. Watch Yourself – 5:39 – 05/02/1990 – Blues Band (cover of Bobby Guy song)
  6. Have You Ever Loved A Woman – 6:52 – 05/02/1990 – Blues Band (Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs)
  7. Worried Life Blues – 5:28 – 05/02/1990 – Blues Band (blues cover of Major “Big Maceo” Merriweather song)
  8. Hoodoo Man – 5:41 – 28/02/1991 – Blues Band (cover of Amos “Junior” Wells song)

Disc Two

  1. Pretending – 7:08 – 18/02/1991 – 9-piece (Journeyman)
  2. Bad Love – 6:25 – 18/02/1991 – 9-piece (Journeyman)
  3. Old Love – 13:01 – 18/02/1991 – 9-piece (Journeyman)
  4. Wonderful Tonight – 9:11 – 18/02/1991 – 9-piece (Slowhand)
  5. Bell Bottom Blues – 6:39 – 09/02/1990 – Orchestra (Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs)
  6. Hard Times – 3:45 – 09/02/1990 – Orchestra (Journeyman)
  7. Edge Of Darkness – 6:30 – 08/03/1991 – Orchestra (Edge Of Darkness soundtrack)

While Eric Clapton played old and new songs, i see this as one of his albums returning to the blues rather than classic rock or blues rock.

What would be really interesting is to see 24 Nights extended to give us full concerts by the four piece band, the blues band, the nine piece band and with the orchestra.

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This album was at the top of the readers poll to find the best Eric Clapton live album at 31 December 2012.


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