Jethro Tull Bursting Out 1978

Bursting Out is the first live album by progressive folk and blues group Jethro Tull that was recorded on the European leg of the Heavy Horses tour in 1978.

Jethro Tull are a hard band to classify but I’ve found over the years that I’ve acquired quite a few of their studio albums.

Jethro Tull Bursting Out

Jethro Tull Bursting Out

Set List

Disc one

  1. Introduction By Claude Nobs – 0:50
  2. No Lullaby – 5:35 (Heavy Horses)
  3. Sweet Dream – 4:52 (Stand Up reissue)
  4. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day – 5:03 (War Child)
  5. Jack In The Green -3:37 (Songs From The Wood)
  6. One Brown Mouse – 4:08 (Heavy Horses)
  7. A New Day Yesterday – 3:08 (Stand Up)
  8. Flute Improvisation / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Bourée† – 5:42 (Bourée† was on Stand Up)
  9. Songs From The Wood – 2:32 (Songs From The Wood)
  10. Thick as a Brick – 12:32 (Thick as a Brick)

Disc two

  1. Introduction By Ian Anderson – 0:43
  2. Hunting Girl – 6:01 (Songs From The Wood)
  3. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll; Too Young To Die! – 4:19 (Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll; Too Young To Die!)
  4. Conundrum  – 6:55
  5. Minstrel In The Gallery – 5:47 (Minstrel In The Gallery)
  6. Cross-Eyed Mary – 3:39  (Aqualung)
  7. Quatrain – 1:32
  8. Aqualung – 8:35  (Aqualung)
  9. Locomotive Breath – 5:32  (Aqualung)
  10. The Dambusters March / Medley – 3:27

A nicely put together summary of Jethro Tull’s career to date as they moved from the blues to progressive rock to folk rock.

How you will feel about the set list will probably depend on which phase of Jethro Tull you prefer and there’s certainly room for more classic recordings that feature This Was and Stand Up, or Acqualung and Thick As A Brick or the folk rock of Songs From the Wood, Heavy Horses and Stormwatch. I also have a soft spot for the Jethro Tull impression of Dire Straits that appears on Crest Of A Knave.


Very competent although I don’t think it catches fire in the way that you’d hope it would.

The band at this stage consisted of:

  • Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
  • Martin Barre – Electric guitar, mandolin, marimba, vocals
  • John Evan – Piano, organ, accordion, synthesiser, vocals
  • Barriemore Barlow – drums, glockenspiel, vocals, flute
  • David Palmer – Portative organ, synthesisers, vocals
  • John Glascock – Bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals

Atmosphere & Authenticity

Listening to this, you know that Ian Anderson loves performing in front of an audience.

I haven’t seen Tull play live but the videos I’ve seen of him playing his flute while standing on one leg are unlike anything else you’ll have seen.


A very good summary of the first ten years or so of Jethro Tull with a great live feel.

At the moment I tend to turn to Bursting Out or Crest Of A Knave if I want to hear Jethro Tull. The last, it stayed in my car’s CD player for many journeys and that’s always a good sign.

What Others Say About Bursting Out

Jethro Tull are much too unfashionable to appear in the critics lists of best live albums.

Over at Amazon, there are plenty of five stars reviews.


Buying Bursting Out By Jethro Tull

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