Marillion Real To Reel 1984

Real To Reel is a live album by prog rock group Marillion.

An extra song, Emerald Lies was added to the CD release. It is often sold with the Brief Encounters part-live EP added to it as a bonus.

Songs 1 to 4 were recorded on 19 & 20 June 1984 at the Montreal Spectrum in Canada while songs 5 to 7 were recorded on 5 March 1984, Leicester De Montfort Hall in England.

There is some confusion as to the source of the three live tracks on the Brief Encounters EP. It says that it was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on January 9&10, 1986 but Fish can be heard to say “Leicester Goodnight” at the end of Fugazi. According to Wikipedia, both Fugazi and Script For a Jester’s Tear are likely to come from the same
Leicester concert in 1984 that features on the Real To Reel live album.

Marillion Real To Reel

Marillion Real To Reel

Set List

Disc 1 – Real To Reel

Assassing – 7:27
Incubus – 8:44
Cinderlla Search – 5:46
Emerald Lies – 5:26
Forgotten Sons – 10:35
Garden Party – 6:31
Market Square Heroes – 7:30

Disc 2 – Brief Encounters

Lady Nina – 5:46 (studio)
Freaks – 4:08 (studio)
Kayleigh – 4:10
Fugazi – 8:31
Script For A Jester’s Tear – 8:52

There is also a Japanese reissue with even more – Charting the Single (6:37) and Margaret (12:22) were recorded at the Edinburgh Playhouse in Scotland on 7 April 1983.

The band at this stage was:

Fish – vocals
Steve Rothery – guitars
Mark Kelly – keyboards
Pete Trewavas – bass
Ian Mosley – drums

Mick Pointer played drums on the 1983 tracks included in the Japanese version.

I’ve probably spent more than 30 years dismissing Marillion as Gabriel era Genesis clones. The group can be commended for bringing prog to the singles charts but they were about 10 years too late to catch the main interest in prog rock.

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