Grobschnitt Solar Music Live 1978

Solar Music Live is a live album by German progressive rock group Grobschnitt as the group extended the song suite from the Ballerman studio album.

It was recorded at the Otto Pankok Forum in Mühlheim, Germany on April 7th 1978.

If you like space rock with lots of guitar and you’re willing to explore European prog rock, this is for you.

Grobschnitt Solar Music Live

Grobschnitt Solar Music Live

Set List

  1. Solar Music I – 4:26
  2. Food Sicore – 3:51
  3. Solar Music II – 6:01
  4. Mühlheim Special – 12:08
  5. Otto Pankrock – 7:25
  6. Golden Mist – 10:22
  7. Solar Music III – 9:59

Solar Music was a side length song on their Ballerman double album that is expanded in this live setting.

This is where prog rock links up with the guitar heavy San Francisco style bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service.

I’m not crazy about instrumental albums as they struggle to hook me but this is one of the exceptions in my music collection.

What Other People Say About Solar Music Live

This is much too specialised to appear in the lists of best live albums but it’s very highly thought of in specialist prog rock circles.

There are some reviews at Amazon.


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