Yes Yesshows 1976-78

Yesshows is the second live album from Yes and captures the group live between 1976 and 1978. This is when Yes and the other dinosaur bands were being challenged by punk.

During the period Yes changed keyboard players with Patrick Moraz leaving and Rick Wakeman returning. Moraz plays on the two very long tracks, The Gates of Delirium and Ritual – Nous Sommes du Soleil with Wakeman on the others.

Yes Yesshows

Yes Yesshows

Yesshows Set List

  1. Parallels – 7:07 (1977) (first appeared on Going for the One)
  2. Time and a Word – 4:06 (Time and a Word)
  3. Going for the One – 5:22 (1977) (Going for the One)
  4. The Gates of Delirium – 22:40 (1976) (Relayer)
  5. Don’t Kill the Whale – 6:50 (1978) (Tormato)
  6. Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) – 28:55 (1976) (Tales from Topographic Oceans)
  7. Wonderous Stories – 3:54 (1977) (Going for the One)

Since Yes has a revolving door for members, it’s worth confirming who was in the band at this stage:

  • Jon Anderson – vocals
  • Steve Howe – guitars, vocals
  • Chris Squire – Bass guitar, vocals
  • Rick Wakeman – Keyboards (on the 1977 & 1978 songs)
  • Patrick Moraz – Keyboards (on the 1976 songs)
  • Alan White – Drums, vocals

Here are videos of Yes performing live in concert around this period to show you how good they were.

Gates Of Delirium – live in 1975 at Loftus Road (Queen’s park Rangers football stadium)

Wonderous Stories – around 1980

Buying Yesshows vs A Compilation of Yes tracks vs Various Studio Albums

This section of my reviews aims to help people who want one or two albums by a group or artist but don’t want a stack of Cds or to fill up their iPod with Yes.

First I think we should rule out a compilation of studio tracks. The idea is horrible and it’s unlikely to get close to have the right tracks.

I like Yes but I don’t have everything that the group has recorded and released.

I think there are four main studio albums – The Yes Album, Close To The Edge, Fragile and Relayer.

There is also the first Yes live album Yessongs which I think is a must buy and covers the first three of those studio albums listed above very well with all the essential songs. You could get Yessongs and add Relayer and you’d be well covered for the 1970s prog rock classics from Yes.

Yesshows isn’t essential but it nicely compliments Yessongs and updates the story to 1978. You could think of it as an alternative to Relayer because it’s got the main track and it adds a long song from Tales From Topographic Oceans as well as the main songs from Going For The One.

What Other People Say About Yesshows

Yessongs is usually the Yes album that receives the praise and mentions of the greatest ever live albums lists but Yesshows has also been recommended.

Classic Rock magazine said it was the 45th best live album ever.

Reviews are generally very positive on Amazon.


Buying Yesshows

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