Yes Something’s Coming The BBC Recordings 1969 to 1970

Yes Something’s Coming The BBC Recordings is a live compilation album by Yes. It is made up of songs recorded by the BBC.

(also called Beyond and Before: BBC Recordings 1969–1970)

This is the early stuff before they developed the sound they are known for from The Yes Album onwards and is played by the original members of Yes.

Jon Anderson – vocals
Peter Banks – guitars
Tony Kaye – keyboards
Chris Squire – bass, vocals
Bill Bruford – drums

Peter Banks went on to form Flash but didn’t do a great deal musically after leaving Yes.

Tony Kaye formed Badger and Detective and played on one album with Badfinger. He returned to Yes in the 1980s and 1990s and played on the albums 90125, 9012Live The Solos, Big Generator, Union and Talk.

Yes something's coming

Songs On Something’s Coming The BBC Recordings

Disc: 1

1. Something’s Coming
2. Everydays
3. Sweetness
4. Dear Father
5. Every Little Thing
6. Looking Around
7. Sweet Dreams
8. Then
9. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed

Disc: 2

1. Astral Traveller
2. Then
3. Every Little Thing
4. Everydays
5. For Everyone
6. (Intro) Sweetness
7. Something’s Coming
8. Sweet Dreams
9. Beyond and Before

Feedback I’ve seen is that while it is interesting historically to see the early beginnings of Yes, the sound quality is poor. This is unusual for BBC recordings but I recommend that you’re careful with this album.


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