Frank Zappa Make A Jazz Noise Here 1988

Make A Jazz Noise Here is a live album by Frank Zappa.

It was recorded on his February to June 1988 world tour and released in 1991. Two other live albums also came from this tour where they covered a vast range of different songs – Broadway the Hard Way with new songs and The Best Band You’ve Never Heard which focused on oldies and covers.

This album, in contrast, concentrates on the more instrumental songs that Zappa has performed. It will therefore appeal to fans of jazz and prog rock who appreciate expert musicianship.

Frank Zappa Make A Jazz Noise Here

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Songs On Frank Zappa Make A Jazz Noise Here

CD 1

Stinkfoot – 7:39
When Yuppies Go To Hell – 14:35
Fire And Chains – 3:57
Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – 1:36
Harry, You’re A Beast – 0:47
The Orange County Lumber Truck – 0:41
Oh No – 4:43
Theme From Lumpy Gravy – 1:11
Eat That Question – 1:55
Black Napkins – 6:56
Big Swifty – 11:12
King Kong – 13:04
Star Wars Won’t Work – 3:42

CD 2

The Black Page – 6:46
T’Mershi Duween – 1:42
Dupree’s Paradise – 8:34
City Of Tiny Lights – 8:01
Royal March From “L’Histoire Du Soldat” – 0:59
Theme From The Bartok Piano Concerto #3 – 0:43
Sinister Footwear 2nd Movement – 6:39
Stevie’s Spanking – 4:25
Alien Orifice – 4:15
Cruisin’ For Burgers – 8:27
Advance Romance – 7:43
Strictly Genteel – 6:38

Playing on the album are:

Frank Zappa – vocals, guitar, synthesizer, keyboards
Paul Carman – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone
Kurt McGettrick – saxophone, baritone saxophone, E flat clarinet
Albert Wing – tenor saxophone
Bruce Fowler – trombone
Bobby Martin – keyboards, saxophone, vocals
Walt Fowler – synthesizer, trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Keneally – synthesizer, guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Ike Willis – synthesizer, guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Scott Thunes – synthesizer, bass guitar, electric bass, vocals, Minimoog
Ed Mann – percussion, marimba, vibraphone, electronic percussion
Chad Wackerman – drums, vocals, electronic percussion

The emphasis on instrumentals gives this expert band a chance to show off their  talents within the tight structure of Zappa’s direction.


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