Steve Hillage Live Herald 1977 1978

Live Herald is a live album by Steve Hillage.

When it was originally released in 1979 as a double live album on vinyl, side four consisted of studio recordings – Talking To The Sun, 1988 Aktivator, New Age Synthesis and Healing Feeling. These have since been replaced by a live recording of Solar Musick Suite.

Steve Hillage Live Herald

Songs On Steve Hillage Live Herald

  1. Salmon Song – 7:43 (originally on the studio album Fish Rising)
  2. The Dervish Riff – 4:19
  3. Castle In The Clouds/Hurdy Gurdy Man – 7:04 (?/L)
  4. Light In The Sky – 5:17 (Motivation Radio)
  5. Searching For The Spark – 11:14 (Motivation Radio)
  6. Electrick Gypsies – 5:59 (L)
  7. Radiom / Lunar Musick Suite / Meditation Of The Dragon – 15:24 (?/L/?)
  8. It’s All Too Much/The Golden Vibe – 7:23 (L/?)
  9. Solar Musick Suite – 14:37 (Fish Rising)

These came from teh following concerts:

  • Recorded live at The Rainbow Theatre, London, March 26th, 1977 were Salmon Song, The Dervish Riff, Castle In The Clouds/Hurdy Gurdy Man and Radiom / Lunar Music Suite / Meditation Of The Dragon
  • Recorded live at Oxford Polytechnic, May 25th, 1978 were Light In The Sky and It’s All Too Much/The Golden Vibe.
  • Recorded live at The Marquee Club, London, August 7th, 1978 was Searching For The Spark
  • Recorded live at The Rainbow Theatre, London, November 3rd, 1977 was Electrick Gypsies

The bonus track Solar Musick Suite was also recorded at The Rainbow Theatre in London on March 26th, 1977.


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