Gentle Giant Playing The Fool 1976

Playing The Fool is the first live album released by progressive rock group Gentle Giant. It was recorded on their European tour in the autumn of 1976.

I always think that Gentle Giant are one of the groups that sorts out the serious prog rock fans from the people who like the best known albums from Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd.

Gentle Giant Playing The Fool

Gentle Giant Playing The Fool

Set List

Disc 1

  1. Just the Same – 5:57 (originally on the studio album Free Hand)
  2. Proclamation – 5:18 (The Power and the Glory)
  3. On Reflection – 6:20 (Free Hand)
  4. Excerpts from Octopus – 15:39 (Octopus)
  5. Funny Ways – 8:30 (Gentle Giant)

Disc 2

  1. The Runaway – 3:56 (In A Glass House)
  2. Experience – 5:36 (In A Glass House)
  3. So Sincere – 10:20 (The Power and the Glory)
  4. Free Hand – 7:40 (Free Hand)
  5. Sweet Georgia Brown – 1:21
  6. Peel the Paint/I Lost My Head – 7:32 (Three Friends/Interview)

The set list is a nice summary of their earlier albums although it has very little from Interview, the album they released in 1976 which means the album serves less well as a reminder of where Gentle Giant were live in 1976.

GG have a big reputation with more specialised prog rock fans but I’ve found them a tough group to appreciate myself.

What Other People Say About Gentle Giant Playing The Fool

Gentle Giant are too obscure to appear in any of the best live albums lists.

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