Camel A Live Record 1974 to 1977

A Live Record is the first live album released by progressive rock group Camel. It is a compilation of recordings from concerts in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977.

It includes a complete performance of the band’s breakthrough album, The Snow Goose performed with the London Symphony Orchestra in 1975.

The members of Camel in 1974 and 75 were:

  • Andrew Latimer: Guitar, Flute, Vocals
  • Peter Bardens: Keyboards
  • Doug Ferguson: Bass
  • Andy Ward: Drums, Percussion

Doug Ferguson had left by 1977 and there were two new members for the 1977 recordings:

  • Mel Collins: Saxophones, Flute
  • Richard Sinclair: Bass, Vocals

This is the unfortunate problem with live compilations since the change in members tends to alter their sound.

Camel A Live Record

Camel A Live Record

Set List

A Live Record was originally released as a double album. Bonus songs from 1976 and 1977 were included when it was reissued in 2002.

Disc One

  1. First Light – 5:27 (October 1977) (oroginally recorded on the studio album Rain Dances)
  2. Metrognome – 4:23 (October 1977) (Rain Dances)
  3. Unevensong – 5:36 (October 1977) (Rain Dances)
  4. Skylines – 5:43 (October 1977) (Rain Dances)
  5. A Song Within a Song – 7:09 (October 1977) (Moonmadness)
  6. Lunar Sea – 9:01 (October 1977) (Moonmadness)
  7. Raindances – 2:33 (October 1977) (Rain Dances)
  8. Never Let Go – 7:29 (October 1977) (Camel)
  9. Chord Change – 6:52 (April 1976) (Moonmadness)
  10. Ligging at Louis’  6:39 (October 1974)
  11. Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles for You/Lady Fantasy – 14:27 (October 1974) (Mirage)

Disc Two (the performance of The Snow Goose was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, October 1975, the final two tracks were recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in April 1976)

  1. Spoken Introduction by Peter Bardens – 1:10
  2. The Great Marsh – 1:45
  3. Rhayader – 3:08
  4. Rhayader Goes to Town – 5:12
  5. Sanctuary” – 1:10
  6. Fritha – 1:22
  7. The Snow Goose – 3:03
  8. Friendship – 1:39
  9. Migration – 3:52
  10. Rhayader Alone – 1:48
  11. Flight of the Snow Goose – 2:59
  12. Preparation – 4:11
  13. Dunkirk – 5:28
  14. Epitaph – 2:34
  15. Fritha Alone – 1:24
  16. La Princesse Perdue – 4:44
  17. The Great Marsh (Reprise) – 2:27
  18. The White Rider – 8:48 (Mirage)
  19. Another Night – 6:35 (Moonmadness)

This set list suits me very well although I’d have been delighted if more from Mirage had featured as that is my favourite studio album by Camel.

More to follow.

What Other People Say About A Live Record

I haven’t seem any live album by Camel feature on the best live albums ever lists.

Feedback at Amazon is particularly strong.


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