Best Live Albums By Camel

Progressive rock group Camel have released a lot of live albums over the years, digging back into old recordings before their big successes with The Snow Goose, Moon Madness and Rain Dances and then going forward. They have also snuck interesting live recordings onto the deluxe or expanded versions of their studio albums.

But which are the best? What are the must hear Camel live albums?

What Are The Best Live Albums By Camel?

A Live Record is probably the obvious choice from the glorious days when symphonic prog rock was popular although punk rock quickly forced us to hide our liking for it if we wanted to stay “cool”.

What about the others? Which are the best if someone is either new to Camel or if they liked the 1973 – 1977 period but then gave up on the band but would like to update themselves. Has Andy Latimer carried the Camel torch well or was Peter Bardens as essential member?

What Are The THREE Best Live Albums By Camel?

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What Are The Best Live Albums?

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