Best King Crimson Live Albums

What are the best King Crimson live albums? There has been an explosion of live recordings made available by Robert Fripp but where should you start your collection?

King Crimson are probably the most innovative and experimental of all the progressive rock groups and that helps them to thrive in the live album arena.

This is a group that won’t slavishly stick to imitating the sound they worked hard to create in the studio.

However unless you intend to become an avid collector of these live albums, it means that deciding which few to buy is a hard decision. It’s made even harder by the changes in style King Crimson have made along the way.

That’s why I’d like King Crimson fans to help the less dedicated find the best live albums.

What Are The Best King Crimson Live Albums?

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All comments about these King Crimson live albums are appreciated. Have I missed any essential albums?

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