King Crimson Absent Lovers Live In Montreal 1984

Absent Lovers is a live album by experimental prog rock group King Crimson. It was recorded at a concert in Montreal in July 1984. The group were promoting the Three Of A Perfect Pair album.

Members of King Crimson at this stage were:

Robert Fripp – guitar
Adrian Belew – guitar, drums, vocals
Tony Levin – bass guitar, Chapman stick, synthesizer, vocals
Bill Bruford – drums, percussion

King Crimson Absent Lovers

King Crimson Absent Lovers

Set List

Disc one

  1. Entry of the Crims – 6:27
  2. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (Part III) – 5:05 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  3. Thela Hun Ginjeet  – 7:07 (Discipline)
  4. Red – 5:49 (Red)
  5. Matte Kudasai – 3:45 (Discipline)
  6. Industry – 7:31 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  7. Dig Me – 3:59 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  8. Three of a Perfect Pair – 4:30 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  9. Indiscipline – 8:14 (Discipline)

Disc two

  1. Sartori in Tangier – 4:40 (Beat)
  2. Frame by Frame – 3:57 (Discipline)
  3. Man With an Open Heart – 3:44 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  4. Waiting Man – 6:26 (Beat)
  5. Sleepless – 6:08 (Three of a Perfect Pair)
  6. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (Part II) – 7:54
  7. Discipline – 5:04 (Discipline)
  8. Heartbeat – 5:15 (Beat)
  9. Elephant Talk – 8:56 (Discipline)

What Other People Say About Absent Lovers By King Crimson

I haven’t seen it on any of the best live album lists.

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