Sting Bring On The Night 1985

Bring On The Night is the first live album by former main-man of The Police, Sting. It was recorded in Paris, Rome and Arnhem between May and December 1985. Bring On The Night is also the name of a documentary about the early solo years of Sting which included the Paris concert.

He’s travelled a long way since the 1983 tour with The Police and the Live In Atlanta recording that is part of The Police Live!

Effectively he’s now the leader of a crack jazz rock group with saxophonist Branford Marsalis, keyboard player Kenny Kirkland (who has often played with Branford and Wynton Marsalis), bassist Darryl Jones (ex Miles Davis and he later went on to play with The Rolling Stones after Bill Wyman left) and drummer Omar Hakim (ex Weather Report and later Miles Davis).

Review Of Sting Bring On The Night

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The Police Live In Atlanta 1983

The Police Live In Atlanta 1983 is the second CD in the two CD, two concert album The Police Live!. It is pulled together from two concerts on November 2nd and 3rd.

Because the two concert recordins are so different, I have decided to review them separately to help create a clearer review. The other CD is here – The Police Live In Boston 1979

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The Police Live! 1979 and 1983

The first live album by The Police called Live! featured two concerts, one from 1979 and the other from 1983.

the police live

These two concert recordings are so different that I have done separate reviews which show the different track lists and album sources as well as my views.

The Police Live in Boston 1979 – rating 27/30

The Police Live In Atlanta 1983 – rating 20/30

The Police Were A Great Singles Band

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REM Live Greensboro Coliseum 1989

The recording of the REM concert at the Greensboro Coliseum on 10th November 1989 promoting the Green album is available as:

  • All but five of the songs are on CD2 in the 25th Anniversary release of Green and the remaining tracks can be bought on the Live In Greensboro EP; or
  • All 26 songs are available if you buy the digital version of the Green 25th anniversary album. This includes the Autorip of the CD version from Amazon.

It’s a bit confusing but it’s worth seeking out because we’re short of prime time REM live albums. This captured the band as they moved to the major label and just before the top selling albums Out of Time and Automatic For The People.

REM Live Greensboro Coliseum 1989

Available on the 25th Anniversary edition of Green.

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The Marshall Tucker Band Live On Long Island 1980

Live On Long Island is a live album by The Marshall Tucker Band and was recorded on April 18, 1980 at the Nassau Coliseum when the band was promoting their studio album Tenth.

Ten days later, tragedy struck as bassist Tommy Caldwell was killed in a car accident. He is pictured on the album cover.

The Marshall Tucker Band Live On Long Island

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