Journey Live In Houston 1981 The Escape Tour

Live In Houston is a live album and DVD by AOR group Journey, recorded on November 6th, 1981 on the Escape tour.

This catches Journey at the peak of their commercial success although it only come a year after their first live album, Captured.

Journey Live In Houston 1981: The Escape Tour

Journey Live In Houston

Set List

  1. Escape – 5:35 (originally from the studio album Escape)
  2. Line Of Fire – 3:13 (Departure)
  3. Lights – 2:58 (Infinity)
  4. Stay Awhile – 3:01 (Departure)
  5. Open Arms – 3:16 (Escape)
  6. Mother, Father – 5:20 (Escape)
  7. Jonathan Cain Solo – 1:54
  8. Who’s Crying Now – 5:39 (Escape)
  9. Where Were You – 4:19 (Departure)
  10. Steve Smith Solo – 3:51 (a short drum solo)
  11. Dead Or Alive – 3:25 (Escape)
  12. Don’t Stop Believin’ – 4:08 (Escape)
  13. Stone In Love – 5:14 (Escape)
  14. Keep On Runnin’ – 4:01 (Escape)
  15. Neal Schon Solo – 1:59
  16. Wheel In The Sky – 6:05    (Infinity)
  17. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ – 4:38 (Evolution)
  18. Any Way You Want It – 3:46 (Departure)
  19. The Party’s Over (Hopelessly In Love) – 4:06 (originally the studio track on their first live album Captured).

It’s clear that Journey knew they had recorded a special album with Escape as eight of the tracks played live come from it including the big hits. This gives it a very different set list and feel to the previous live album. If you like Journey and live albums, you need both.

The band at this stage was:

Steve Perry – lead vocals
Neal Schon – lead guitar, background vocals
Jonathan Cain – keyboards, rhythm guitar, background vocals
Ross Valory – bass, background vocals
Steve Smith – drums, percussion

Since Captured was recorded, keyboard player Gregg Rolie had been replaced by Jonathan Cain.

I like the fact that with this live album, we get to hear (and see if you buy the DVD) Journey in a single concert and you get a feeling for how they build and sustain momentum to get the crowd excited.

Here are some of the live videos of Journey from 1981

Don’t Stop Believin’

Open Arms

Who’s Crying Now

What People Say About Journey Live In Houston

I haven’t seen this album listed in any of the greatest live albums lists.

Reviewers at Amazon are very positive.


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