REO Speedwagon Live You Get What You Play For 1976

Live: You Get What You Play For is a live album by REO Speedwagon and was recorded on their American tour in 1976.

REO Speedwagon Live: You Get What You Play For

REO Speedwagon Live: You Get What You Play For

Set List

Like You Do – 6:56
Lay Me Down – 3:39
Any Kind Of Love – 3:34
Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes) – 6:36
Keep Pushin’ – 4:06
(Only A) Summer Love – 6:05
Son Of A Poor Man – 5:30
(I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come – 4:49
Flying Turkey Trot (Live) – 2:35
157 Riverside Avenue (Live) – 7:38
Ridin’ The Storm Out (Live) – 5:47
Music Man – 2:58
Golden Country – 8:25

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Divided opinion at Amazon, partly because of the loss of tracks from the original double LP when it was converted to a single CD (a pet hate of mine) and some criticisms of the mix.


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