Toto Absolutely Live 1992

Absolutely Live is a live album by AOR group Toto recorded in November 1992.

Toto Absolutely Live

toto absolutely live

Set List

  1. Hydra – 7:44 (originally on the studio album Hydra)
  2. Rosanna – 8:25 (Toto IV)
  3. Kingdom of Desire – 8:02 (Kingdom of Desire)
  4. Georgy Porgy – 3:45 (Toto)
  5. 99 – 3:01 (Hydra)
  6. I Won’t Hold You Back – 2:09 (Toto IV)
  7. Don’t Stop Me Now – 2:35 (Fahrenheit)
  8. Africa – 6:11 (Toto IV)
  9. Don’t Chain My Heart – 7:21 (Kingdom of Desire)
  10. I’ll Be Over You – 5:38 (Fahrenheit)
  11. Home of the Brave – 7:07 (The Seventh One)
  12. Hold the Line – 10:44 (Toto)
  13. With a Little Help from My Friends – 10:08 (cover of The Beatles song)


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