Kansas Two For The Show 1978

Two For The Show is a live album by American progressive rock / AOR group Kansas which was recorded in 1977 and 1978.

It has been released as an extended version to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album.

Kansas Two For The Show

Kansas Two For The Show

Set List

Disc one

Song for America – 7:29
Point of Know Return – 3:07
Paradox – 4:09
Icarus–Borne on Wings of Steel – 5:58
Portrait (He Knew) – 5:18
Carry On Wayward Son – 4:38
Journey From Mariabronn – 8:55
Dust in the Wind – 6:17
Lonely Wind – 4:29
Mysteries and Mayhem – 4:00
Excerpt from Lamplight Symphony – 2:38
The Wall – 4:58
Magnum Opus – 11:14

Disc two

Hopelessly Human – 8:42
Child Of Innocence – 7:47
Belexes 4:34
Cheyenne Anthem 6:55
Lonely Street 8:20
Miracles Out Of Nowhere 7:59
Phil Ehart Drum Solo/The Spider 7:41
Closet Chronicles 6:55
Down The Road 3:44
Sparks Of The Tempest 5:19
Bringing It Back 7:07

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