Uriah Heep – What Pete Pardo Thinks

I found some excellent videos on YouTube by a guy called Pete Pardo from a website called the Sea of Tranquility. On this page are videos of him talking about Uriah Heep.

Heep were never the most fashionable of band. In fact, the critics hated them and I never understood why. Musically varied, good tunes and David Byron was a fantastic singer.

But I liked them. I saw them at the Reading Festival, possibly in 1978. That’s after the classic David Byron era but there were a fine band and made me forget about the drizzle and the mud.

Probably their best known live album is from 1973, Uriah Heep Live, recorded in Birmingham.

Here is Pete.

The History of Uriah Heep!

Here are the years for their studio albums.

1970 …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble
1971 Salisbury
1971 Look at Yourself
1972 Demons and Wizards
1972 The Magician’s Birthday
1973 Sweet Freedom
1974 Wonderworld)
1975 Return to Fantasy
1976 High and Mighty
1977 Firefly
1977 Innocent Victim
1978 Fallen Angel
1980 Conquest
1982 Abominog
1983 Head First
1985 Equator
1989 Raging Silence
1991 Different World
1995 Sea of Light
1998 Sonic Origami
2008 Wake the Sleeper
2009 Celebration – Forty Years of Rock (re-recordings of past songs)
2011 Into the Wild
2014 Outsider
2018 Living the Dream

Top 10 Songs: Uriah Heep

What Are My Favourites?

I only know the early songs but here are the ones I pay particular attention to:

Lady In Black
July Morning
Look at Yourself
The Wizard
Traveller in Time
Rainbow Demon
Easy Livin’
Return to Fantasy

Nothing surprising there but, for many years, I only had The Best of Uriah Heep vol 1 and Uriah Heep Live.

What Are The Best Live Albums?

I don’t have a best Uriah Heep live album poll. I don’t think it would get many votes.

How well do you think they should do in the search to find the best hard rock and heavy metal live albums?

What Are The TEN Best Hard Rock Or Heavy Metal Live Albums Ever? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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I have included it in the second division of albums and if it gets enough votes, it can be promoted to the main list.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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