Bad Company Merchants Of Cool 2002

In Concert :  Merchants of Cool is a live album and DVD by the Paul Rodgers version of Bad Company on their American tour in 2002.

The album also includes two new studio songs Joe Fabulous and
Saving Grace.

Bad Company Merchants Of Cool

Bad Company Merchants Of Cool

Set List

  1. Burnin’ Sky – 5:35 (Burnin’ Sky)
  2. Can’t Get Enough – 3:47 (Bad Company)
  3. Feel Like Makin’ Love – 5:26 (Straightshooter)
  4. Rock Steady – 3:49 (Bad Company)
  5. Movin’ On – 3:10 (Bad Company)
  6. Deal With The Preacher – 4:34 (Straightshooter)
  7. Ready For Love – 6:33 (Bad Company)
  8. Rock And Roll Fantasy – 6:29 (Desolation Angels – includes Beatles medley of Ticket To Ride and I Feel Fine)
  9. All Right Now – 6:28 (cover of the Free song from the Fire & Water album)
  10. Bad Company – 5:42 (Bad Company)
  11. Silver, Blue And Gold – 5:02 (Run With The Pack)
  12. Shooting Star – 6:42 (Straightshooter)
  13. Joe Fabulous – 3:39 (new studio track)
  14. Saving Grace – 4:07 (new studio track)

This is a short set for a live album but it rightly concentrates on the first two albums – Bad Company and Straightshooter.

For some strange reason I feel aggrieved that All Right Now is included although I can imagine that the audience were delighted to hear this great song. The original bad company were very keen to create their own identity away from their parent bands – Free, Mott The Hoople and King Crimson.

The members of this version of Bad Company are:

  • Paul Rodgers – vocals, arranger, guitar, piano
  • Dave Colwell – guitar, background vocals
  • Jaz Lochrie – bass, background vocals
  • Simon Kirke – drums, percussion, background vocals

So that’s two of the original members in Rodgers and Kirke.

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