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Thank goodness for mp3 downloads because it gives you the chance to access the live in concert tracks on the box set Songs Of Yesterday by blues rock group Free.

I said that I wanted more when I wrote my Free Live review.

The tracks on Songs Of Yesterday weren’t considered to be good enough for public release because of various minor recording problems. Technology now means that they can be cleaned up and we can experience the genius that is Free live.

Free Songs Of Yesterday

Free Songs Of Yesterday

Set List

  1. Ride On A Pony – 5:36 (Highway)
  2. Be My Friend – 6:16 (Highway)
  3. Fire And Water – 4:02 (Fire And Water)
  4. The Stealer – 3:52 (Highway)
  5. Don’t Say You Love Me – 5:56 (Fire And Water)
  6. Mr Big – 6:27 (Fire And Water)
  7. I’ll Be Creepin’ – 4:32 (Free)
  8. Free Me – 6:38 (Free)
  9. Woman – 4:18 (Free)
  10. I’m A Mover – 3:43  (Tons Of Sobs)
  11. Walk In My Shadow – 4:18 (Tons Of Sobs)
  12. Songs Of Yesterday – 5:08 (Free)
  13. All Right Now – 7:29 (Fire And Water)
  14. Crossroads – 6:36 (cover of the Robert Johnson song made famous by Cream)

The songs that aren’t on Free Live are: The Stealer, Don’t Say You Love Me, I’ll Be Creepin, Free Me, Songs Of Yesterday and Crossroads.

There is therefore quite a lot of common ground and if you want to buy, you might just want to grab the mp3s for these songs.


Just what you’d expect from listening to Free Live. These songs came from the same tour in 1970.

A video of Free live in the studio performing the Songs of Yesterday track.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video but you can hear it at YouTube

Atmosphere & Authenticity

I’ve read that the running order of the set is what you’d have been lucky enough to see Free live in 1970. That’s got to be a good thing.

What People Say About Songs Of Yesterday

This is what the reviewers at Amazon have to say about the Songs of Yesterday box set and you’ll see comments about the live songs in the reviews.


What Do You Think About the Live Recordings On Songs Of Yesterday?

I’d like to know what you think about this CD and whether it’s better than Free Live so please leave me a comment.

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Buying Songs Of Yesterday

Songs Of Yesterday is a 5 CD box set but because it’s available as an mp3 download, you can grab the live CD (number 4) or the tracks that aren’t featured on Free LIve.

You can get it at

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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