What is The Best Free, Bad Company & Paul Rodgers Live Album?

Some groups appear, are creative for a relatively short period and then stagger on as a form of tribute act to past glories.

Other groups have their moment in the spotlight and then disappear for ever.

Free are one of those who could never reform, at least with all their originally members following the death of Paul Kossof. Continue reading What is The Best Free, Bad Company & Paul Rodgers Live Album?

Free Songs Of Yesterday CD 4 1970

Thank goodness for mp3 downloads because it gives you the chance to access the live in concert tracks on the box set Songs Of Yesterday by blues rock group Free.

I said that I wanted more when I wrote my Free Live review.

The tracks on Songs Of Yesterday weren’t considered to be good enough for public release because of various minor recording problems. Technology now means that they can be cleaned up and we can experience the genius that is Free live.

Free Songs Of Yesterday

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Free Live 1970

Free Live is a live album by the British blues rock group Free with Paul Rodgers as the singer and Paul Kossoff on guitar from concerts in 1970.

It was originally released with eight tracks and it has since been reissued with 15 including alternative versions of All Right Now, Mr Big and Get Where I Belong.

Free Live – Overall Rating 26/30

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