Paul Rodgers Live In Glasgow 2006

Live In Glasgow is a live album and DVD of a concert by Paul Rodgers on 13th October 2006, very much focused on his days in Free.

Rodgers is in great voice and the album leans heavily on his days in Free and Bad Company.

Paul Rodgers Live In Glasgow

Paul Rodgers Live In Glasgow

Set List

  1. I’ll Be Creepin’ – 4:27 (on the album by Free called Free)
  2. The Stealer – 3:32 (Free – Highway)
  3. Ride on a Pony – 4:21 (Free – Highway)
  4. Radioactive – 3:44 (on the album The Firm by The Firm – this was the super-group Rodgers formed with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin)
  5. Be My Friend – 6:22 (Free – Highway)
  6. Warboys (A Prayer for Peace) – 3:46 (a new song that later appeared on the Queen and Paul Rodgers studio album)
  7. Feel Like Makin’ Love – 4:52 (Bad Company – Straightshooter)
  8. Bad Company – 5:21 (Bad Company’s first album)
  9. I Just Want to See You Smile – 3:36
  10. Louisiana Blues – 3:28 (cover of a Muddy waters song from Paul Rodgers album Muddy Waters Blues)
  11. Fire and Water – 4:17 (Free – Fire and Water)
  12. Wishing Well – 3:29 (Free – Heartbreaker)
  13. All Right Now – 6:27 (Free – Fire and Water)
  14. I’m a Mover – 3:06 (Free – Tons of Sobs)
  15. The Hunter – 4:25 (Free – Tons of Sobs)
  16. Can’t Get Enough – 4:35 (Bad Company’s first album)
  17. Seagull – 3:46 (Bad Company’s first album)

Nine out of seventeen songs revisit Free and four more from the best days of Bad Company mean that this is a terrific set list. The other songs sound good in this setting too.

The band on this album is:

Paul Rodgers – Lead vocals, guitar, piano
Howard Leese – Guitar, backing vocals
Kurtis Dengler – Guitar
Lynn Sorensen -Bass, backing vocals
Ryan Hoyle – Drums

Here is what they look and sound like on the third track, the old Free song Ride On A Pony

In my opinion, Paul Rodgers Live In Glasgow challenges Free Live as his best live album and easily beats what has been issued by Bad Company so far.

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