Fleetwood Mac The Dance 1997

The Dance is a live album by Fleetwood Mac recorded in 1997 as an MTV special.

Fleetwood Mac The Dance

Fleetwood Mac The Dance

Set List

The Chain – 5:11
Dreams – 4:39
Everywhere – 3:28
Rhiannon – 6:48
I’m So Afraid – 7:45
Temporary One – 4:00
Bleed To Love Her – 3:27
Big Love – 3:06
Say You Love Me – 4:59
My Little Demon – 3:33
Silver Springs – 5:41
You Make Loving Fun – 3:49
Sweet Girl – 3:19
Go Your Own Way – 5:00
Tusk – 4:22
Don’t Stop – 5:31

Here is a video of The Chain from the MTV programme for The Dance.

And here is Dreams from the same concert.

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One thought on “Fleetwood Mac The Dance 1997”

  1. I’m a old dude discovered Zeppelin late but the best is Frampton Comes Alive. Still get goosebumps when I hear that album. Like so many of these albums hard to choose. Peace and Love plus music.

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