Eurythmics Live 1983–1989

Eurythmics Live 1983–1989 is a compilation of live recordings by the Eurythmics.

This collects together tracks from many different venues – Manchester, Los Angeles, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Austin, Stockholm, Nuremberg, Rome, Houston, London, Brighton, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh.

Eurythmics Live 1983–1989


Songs On Eurythmics Live 1983–1989

CD 1

  1. Never Gonna Cry Again – 5:14 (In The Garden)
  2. Love Is A Stranger – 4:00 (Sweet Dreams)
  3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – 3:48 (Sweet Dreams)
  4. This City Never Sleeps – 5:34 (Sweet Dreams)
  5. Somebody Told Me – 3:44 (Sweet Dreams)
  6. Who’s That Girl? – 4:08 (Touch)
  7. Right By Your Side – 4:28 (Touch)
  8. Here Comes The Rain Again – 5:48 (Touch)
  9. Sex Crime (1984) – 3:47 (from the soundtrack for the film 1984)
  10. I Love You Like A Ball And Chain – 5:05 (Be Yourself Tonight)
  11. Would I Lie To You? – 3:35 (Be Yourself Tonight)

CD 2

  1. There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) – 6:58 (Be Yourself Tonight)
  2. Thorn In My Side – 4:34 (Revenge)
  3. Let’s Go – 4:56 (Revenge)
  4. Missionary Man – 5:03 (Revenge)
  5. The Last Time – 4:48 (Revenge)
  6. Miracle Of Love – 6:24 (Revenge)
  7. I Need A Man – 3:59 (Savage)
  8. We Two Are One – 4:19 (We Two Are One)
  9. (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry – 5:10 (We Two Are One)
  10. Don’t Ask Me Why – 5:04 (We Two Are One)
  11. Angel – 6:06 (We Two Are One)

There was also a special edition of the live album that came with a third CD of acoustic performances:

  1. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart – 3:59 (Savage)
  2. Here Comes The Rain Again – 2:46 (Touch)
  3. Would I Lie To You? – 2:05 (Be Yourself Tonight)
  4. It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) – 1:30 (Be Yourself Tonight)
  5. Right By Your Side – 1:22 (Touch)
  6. When Tomorrow Comes – 3:21 (Revenge)

I thought the 1980s were a big let down for music after the fantastic 1960s and ’70s but alongside The Smiths, U2, R.E.M. and the Pixies, the Eurythmics were one of the highlights who managed to come out of synth pop with some credit thanks to the terrific tunes and the excellent singing of Annie Lennox.

This live album is a bit odd.

First my points system would knock two points off it for being a live compilation across so many years. A recording from one concert is idea, then comes several nights at a single venue, then a summary of a tour and finally a multi-year compilation.

Second the album isn’t presented in any way as a live concert set list. It goes album by album but I suppose I should be glad that it doesn’t repeat the studio album running order. This treatment stops the natural rhythm of a well organised concert that builds adrenaline, eases off and builds again.

Third is that it’s 106 minutes spread across two CDs so they had room for more songs so I don’t understand why the main album is missing some of my favourites like Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and When Tomorrow Comes.

Despite these problems which mainly affect the atmosphere and authenticity part of my rating system, this is a reminder of what a great group they were when they consistently wrote high quality singles.


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