Love The Forever Changes Concert 2003

The Forever Changes Concert is a live album by Arthur Lee and Love recorded in London in January 2003 where the classic album Forever Changes was played.

It has been reissued with extra tracks which helps to give a more comprehensive experience of Love as a band.

Recording a classic album like Forever Changes in its entirety is a risky business. Van Morrison did it with Astral Weeks and he pulled it off. So does Arthur Lee and the latest version of Love.

Love The Forever Changes Concert

Love The Forever Changes Concert

Set List

There were two versions of this album as the original album was updated with four extra live songs from these reunion concerts. It’s frustrating as I bought the earlier version as soon as I was aware it was released.

Disc 1 (all from Forever Changes and in the original sequence)

Alone Again Or – 4:19
A House Is Not a Motel – 4:08
Andmoreagain – 4:04
The Daily Planet – 3:42
Old Man – 3:39
The Red Telephone – 7:12
Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale – 3:57
Live and Let Live – 5:13)
The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This – 3:42
Bummer in the Summer – 2:34
You Set the Scene – 7:40

Disc 2

Orange Skies – 3:09 (Da Capo) – bonus
She Comes in Colors – 3:00 (Da Capo) – bonus
Listen to My Song – 2:03 (Out Here) – bonus
August – 5:34 (Four Sail) – bonus
7 and 7 Is – 2:51 (Da Capo)
Your Mind and We Belong Together – 4:11
Signed D.C. – 6:49 (Love)
My Little Red Book – 2:33 (Love)

The band members on the original Forever Changes album were:

Arthur Lee: lead vocals, guitar (died 3 August 2006)
Johnny Echols: lead guitar
Bryan MacLean: rhythm guitar, vocals (lead vocals on Old Man and co-lead vocals on Alone Again Or) – died 25 December 1998
Ken Forssi: bass guitar – died 10 January 1998
Michael Stuart: drums, percussion

On the 2003 Forever Changes Concert album Arthur Lee was backed by the band Baby Lemonade together with string and horn ensembles.

A video of Love in concert.

Alone Again Or


What Other People Say About The Forever Changes Concert

The original album Forever Changes regularly appears in the best albums ever recorded lists so you’d have thought this might appear on the best live albums lists, wouldn’t you?

Well you’d be wrong because I haven’t seen it featured once.

However the Amazon reviewers give you a good indication of the quality of this live recording.


Buying The Forever Changes Concert

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What Do You Think About The Forever Changes Concert?

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