The Doors Absolutely Live 1970

Absolutely Live was the first live album released by The Doors, recorded between July 1969 and May 1970.

This album has since been included as part of The Doors In Concert aka American Nights.

The Doors Absolutely Live

The Doors Absolutely Live

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Set List

If you’re looking for the Best Of The Doors Live, then Absolutely Live isn’t the album for you. It doesn’t even have Light My Fire on it.

CD 1

  1. House Announcer – 2:40
  2. Who Do You Love? – 6:02
  3. Alabama Song – 1:51 (The Doors)
  4. Back Door Man – 2:22 (The Doors)
  5. Love Hides – 1:48
  6. Five to One – 4:34 (Waiting for the Sun)
  7. Build Me a Woman – 3:33
  8. When the Music’s Over – 16:16 (Strange Days)

CD 2

  1. Close to You – 4:04
  2. Universal Mind – 4:54
  3. Petition the Lord with Prayer – 0:52
  4. Dead Cats, Dead Rats – 1:57
  5. Break On Through (to the Other Side) No. 2 – 4:41 (The Doors)
  6. Celebration of the Lizard – Lions in the Street – 1:14
  7. Celebration of the Lizard – Wake Up – 1:21
  8. Celebration of the Lizard – A Little Game – 1:12
  9. Celebration of the Lizard – The Hill Dwellers – 2:35
  10. Celebration of the Lizard – Not To Touch The Earth – 4:15
  11. Celebration of the Lizard – Names of the Kingdom – 1:29
  12. Celebration of the Lizard – The Palace of Exile – 2:20
  13. Soul Kitchen (The Doors) – 7:15 (The Doors)

What Others Say About The Doors Absolutely Live

This album has featured in the lists of greatest live albums but not as often as you might expect.

Classic Rock – 39th

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