Velvet Underground Live at Max’s Kansas City 1970

Live at Max’s Kansas City is a live album by The Velvet Underground recorded in one of the last concerts that featured Lou Reed in August 1970.

Velvet Underground Live at Max’s Kansas City

Velvet Underground Live at Max's Kansas City album cover

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Set List

This album was extended in 2004 with extra tracks.

Disc one

  1. I’m Waiting for the Man – 5:50 (originally on The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  2. White Light/White Heat – 6:07 (White Light/White Heat)
  3. I’m Set Free – 5:33 (The Velvet Underground)
  4. Sweet Jane – 6:18 (Loaded)
  5. Lonesome Cowboy Bill – 4:41 (Loaded)
  6. New Age – 6:44 (Loaded)
  7. Beginning to See the Light – 5:40 (The Velvet Underground)

Disc two

  1. Who Loves the Sun – 2:17 (Loaded)
  2. Sweet Jane – 5:58 (Loaded)
  3. I’ll Be Your Mirror – 3:02(The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  4. Pale Blue Eyes – 7:10 (The Velvet Underground)
  5. Candy Says – 5:48 (The Velvet Underground)
  6. Sunday Morning – 3:48 (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  7. After Hours – 2:50 (The Velvet Underground)
  8. Femme Fatale – 4:07 (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
  9. Some Kinda Love – 11:22 (The Velvet Underground)
  10. Lonesome Cowboy Bill – 5:00 (Loaded)
  11. Atlantic release promo – 0:49

Six songs from The Velvet Underground album (including two versions of Lonesome Cowboy Bill) and six from Loaded (including two versions of Sweet Jane).

What Others Say About Live at Max’s Kansas City

I’ve seen this album included on two greatest live albums ever lists.

NME – 23rd – 90th

In contrast, Velvet Underground Live 1969 has been included on three best live album lists and is more strongly favoured by the Amazon reviewers.

Amazon reviewers are mainly positive about Live At Max’s.


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