The Doors In Concert aka American Nights 1968 & 1970

The Doors In Concert is a compilation album of The Doors live in concert between 1968 and 1970 and includes their first live album, Absolutely Live together with Alive She Cried and some extras.

In the UK it is also known as American Nights.

The Doors In Concert

the doors in concert album cover

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Disc one (please see Absolutely Live for studio album attributions)

  1. House Announcer – 2:40
  2. Who Do You Love? – 6:02
  3. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) – 1:51
  4. Back Door Man – 2:22
  5. Love Hides – 1:48
  6. Five to One – 4:34
  7. Build Me a Woman – 3:33
  8. When the Music’s Over – 14:50
  9. Universal Mind – 4:54
  10. Petition the Lord with Prayer – 0:52
  11. Dead Cats, Dead Rats – 1:57
  12. Break on Through, #2 – 4:42
  13. Lions in the Street – 1:14
  14. Wake Up – 1:21
  15. A Little Game – 1:12
  16. The Hill Dwellers – 2:35
  17. Not to Touch the Earth – 4:14
  18. Names of the Kingdom – 1:29
  19. The Palace of Exile – 2:20
  20. Soul Kitchen – 7:15

Disc two

  1. Roadhouse Blues – 6:13 (Morrison Hotel)
  2. Gloria – 6:17 (cover of the Van Morrison song)
  3. Light My Fire – 9:51 (The Doors)
  4. You Make Me Real – 3:06 (Morrison Hotel)
  5. Texas Radio & The Big Beat – 1:52 (became The WASP on LA Woman)
  6. Love Me Two Times – 3:17 (Strange Days)
  7. Little Red Rooster – 7:15
  8. Moonlight Drive – 5:34 (Strange Days)
  9. Close to You – 5:26 (The Doors)
  10. Unknown Soldier – 4:25 (Waiting for the Sun)
  11. The End – 15:42 (The Doors)

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