Nils Lofgren Night After Night 1977

Night After Night is a live album by Nils Lofgren promoting his I Came To Dance album, recorded in London, Glasgow and Los Angeles.

The radio broadcast Hanging Tough also comes from this tour but features fewer songs.

Nils Lofgren Night After Night

Nils Lofgren Night After Night

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Set List

  1. Take You to the Movies Tonight (from Grin’s first album)
  2. Back It Up (Nils Lofgren)
  3. Keith Don’t Go (Nils Lofgren)
  4. Like Rain (from Grin’s first album)
  5. Cry Tough (Cry Tough)
  6. It’s Not a Crime (Cry Tough)
  7. Goin’ Back (Nils Lofgren)
  8. You’re The Weight (on Grin’s Gone Crazy album)
  9. Beggar’s Day (on Grin’s Gone Crazy album)
  10. Moon Tears (on Grin’s 1+1 album)
  11. Code of the Road (I Came to Dance)
  12. Rock & Roll Crook (Nils Lofgren)
  13. Goin’ South (I Came to Dance)
  14. Incidentally It’s Over (Cry Tough)
  15. I Came to Dance (I Came to Dance)

3 songs from I Came To Dance, 3 from Cry Tough, 4 from Nils Lofgren (his debut solo album) and 5 from Nils Lofgren’s old band Grin make this a comprehensive summary of the time when it looked as if Lofgren could break into the big time.

It wasn’t to be… but he’s definitely someone to listen to if you have a tendency to like people when they “were good before they were famous. I’m a bit guilty of that and can go off artists when they become famous.

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