Nils Lofgren Band Live 2002

The Nils Lofgren Band Live album was recorded in 2002 and released in 2003 and catches Nils focusing on his recent past and his time with Grin.

He nearly made it into the big time in the mid 70s but he’s carried on recording good music as well as supporting Bruce Springsteen as a member of the E Street Band.

Nils Lofgren Band Live

Nils Lofgren Band Live

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Set List

Disc 1

  1. Puttin’ Out Fires – 7:57 (Breakaway Angel)
  2. Daddy Dream – 8:18 (Wonderland)
  3. Too Many Miles – 6:19
  4. Driftin’ Man – 5:02 (Breakaway Angel)
  5. Damaged Goods – 5:57 (Damaged Goods)
  6. Two By Two – 3:11 (Nils Lofgren)
  7. White Lies – 3:58 (on the Grin album 1+1)
  8. Band Introduction – 1:17
  9. Shot At You – 8:16 (Crooked Line)
  10. Tears Ain’t Enough – 4:25 (Breakaway Angel)
  11. I’m Buyin’ – 2:58

Disc 2:

  1. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It – 3:58 (from the first Crazy Horse album)
  2. Like Rain – 4:52 (from Grin’s first album)
  3. I Found You – 4:59 (Breakaway Angel)
  4. Can’t Get Closer – 4:36 (Cry Tough)
  5. Lost A Number – 5:12 (on the Grin album 1+1)
  6. Slippery Fingers – 4:22 (on the Grin album 1+1)
  7. Message – 12:14
  8. Girl In Motion – 11:09 (Silver Linings)
  9. Bass & Drum Intro – 3:29
  10. Gun And Run – 5:06 (Silver Linings)
  11. The Star Spangled Banner – 2:53

For people like me, stuck in the 70s, this set list is surprising to see so little from the highly rated Nils Lofgren and Cry Tough albums. It’s good to see him revisiting his early days in Grin and great to hear his version of the Crazy Horse classic I Don’t Want To Talk About It since he was a member of the band when they recorded their first album.

This is a lovely, varied performance with soft, gentle ballads and rockers where Lofgren can show that he still cuts it as a guitar hero.

I’m interested to see how how the poll below for the best Nils Lofgren album develops because I’m finding it hard to pick a favourite. Each time I play one of his albums, I think to myself that I should listen to it more.

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