Gil Scott-Heron Tour De Force Live 1994

Tour De Force is a live album by Gil Scott-Heron that captures a concert from about 1994.

It has been released in a number of different formats and edits but I believe that Tour De Force is the most comprehensive. It’s also the version I bought so it’s the one I’m best qualified to talk about.

Variations of Tour De Force have been released as:

Minister of Information: Live
The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron Live
Save The Children
Winter In America, Summer In Europe
Greatest Hits Live

Gil Scott-Heron Tour De Force

Gil Scott-Heron Tour De Force

Set List

  1. Washington D.C. – 5:20
  2. Winter In America – 8:44
  3. Is That Jazz – 5:07
  4. Blue Collar – 11:41
  5. Johannesburg – 5:26
  6. Three Miles Down – 6:14
  7. Gun – 4:18
  8. Save The Children – 8:05
  9. Angel Dust – 23:20
  10. Shut ’em Down – 7:01
  11. Alien (Hold On To Your Dream) – 9:29
  12. B Movie – 7:12
  13. The Bottle – 9:00

Let’s take a look at the different versions that exist of Tour De Force. I can only assume that Gil Scott Heron sold the recording rights to a number of different record labels.

Gil Scott-Heron Minister of Information: Live

Only seven songs and some of the chat taken away.

Washington D.C. – 6:22
Save The Children – 11:19
Gun – 4:08
Blue Collar – 10:30
Alien (Hold On To Your Dream) – 6:30
Winter In America – 7:47
The Bottle – 14:49

The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron Live

All thirteen songs but some of the chat has been edited out.

Washington D.C. – 5:13
Winter In America – 7:39
Is That Jazz – 4:28
Blue Collar – 7:31
Johannesburg – 3:56
Three Miles Down – 6:11
Gun – 3:30
Save The Children – 7:59
Angel Dust – 22:22
Shut ’em Down – 5:10
Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams) – 8:01
B Movie – 4:58
The Bottle – 9:47

Gil Scott-Heron Save The Children

This has twelve of the thirteen tracks and incredibly excludes the song that is probably the biggest reason for Gil Scott-Heron fans to buy the album, the 23 minute version of Angel Dust. I can’t find times for the songs so I can’t give any guidance on the extent of editing.

Is That Jazz?
Save The Children
The Bottle
Winter In America
Blue Collar
Three Miles Down
Washington D.C.
Shut ‘Em Down
Alien (Hold On To Your Dream)
B Movie

Gil Scott-Heron Winter In America, Summer In Europe

On this version, there are nine tracks. The track lengths are very similar to Tour De Force.

Washington D.C. – 5:19
Winter In America – 8:46
Is That Jazz – 5:06
Blue Collar – 9:18
Johannesburg – 5:25
Three Miles Down – 6:34
Gun – 4:19
Save The Children – 7:59
The Bottle – 9:47

Missing are Angel Dust, Shut ’em Down, Alien (Hold On To Your Dream) and B Movie.

Gil Scott-Heron Greatest Hits Live

Eleven songs this time and the chat/songs are severely edited.

Washington D.C. – 5:02
Winter in America – 4:42
Is That Jazz? – 4:25
Blue Collar – 3:46
Johannesburg – 4:01
Three Miles Down – 4:14
Gun – 3:41
Save the Children – 4:13
Shut ‘Em Down – 5:00
Alien (Hold on to Your Dream) – 5:06
B Movie – 5:10

Missing are Angel Dust and The Bottle.

Confusing isn’t it. My message is simple – buy Tour De Force.

This is my favourite live album by Gil Scott-Heron because it has such a comprehensive set lit and the performances are strong. Again this is my go-to album when I want to hear the man and I only turn to the other recordings when I’m in the mood to go deep.

What Other People Say

I have linked to the Amazon reviews for The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron Live rather than Tour De Force because they are better quality. It’s easy to get confused because the album covers are basically the same but buy Tour De Force.


Buying Gil Scott-Heron Tour De Force Live

It is available from

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

You may find a bargain with one of the other released versions of this concert recording but my research indicates that you’ll make a big sacrifice on terms of lost music.

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  1. Does anyone know of or have a copy of the “live” 22min performance of Angel Dust? The Blue and White Album cover and the Secrets Album with the black cat on it have that live audio version but didn’t anyone tape the live performance? I want to see Gil singing this one. I know about the live one on Black Wax, but this one – 22 minutes!! – is really something to see!! Does somebody on the planet have a copy?!! Please respond to

    1. Angel Dust is a terrific song and I agree, it would be nice to see an extended version of it performed live.

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