Van Morrison Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast 1983

Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast is the second live album from Van Morrison recorded in 1983 with songs from his last four albums and especially Beautiful Vision.

This makes it a great compliment to the classic It’s Too Late To Stop Now like me who haven’t followed his late 1970s career that closely but like the songs they hear on the radio.

Van Morrison Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast

Van Morrison Live At The Grand Opera HouseVan Morrison Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast Set List

  1. Into the Mystic (instrumental)/Inarticulate Speech of the Heart – 1:06 (Moondance / Inarticulate Speech of the Heart )
  2. Dweller on the Threshold – 3:38 (Beautiful Vision)
  3. It’s All in the Game/You Know What They’re Writing About/Make it Real One More Time – 7:09 (Into The Music)
  4. She Gives Me Religion – 4:35 (Beautiful Vision)
  5. Haunts of Ancient Peace – 6:25 (Common One)
  6. Full Force Gale – 2:22 (Into The Music)
  7. Beautiful Vision – 3:34 (Beautiful Vision)
  8. Vanlose Stairway – 5:29 (Beautiful Vision)
  9. Rave On John Donne/Rave On Part Two – 9:09 (Inarticulate Speech of the Heart)
  10. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) – 3:45 (Beautiful Vision)
  11. Cleaning Windows – 4:56 (Beautiful Vision)

After recording such a great live as It’s Too late To Stop Now, I like the idea of focusing on the recent albums but there’s probably too much from Beautiful Vision.

I will be writing a full review. I find this album very nice to listen to and in my opinion, it’s well worth adding to your Van Morrison collection.

What Others Say About Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast by Van Morrison

This album doesn’t feature on the best live albums ever lists that I’ve seen.

It also has received surprisingly little attention at Amazon.


In my opinion, this live album is a hidden treasure that hasn’t received the credit it deserves.

Buying Live At The Grand Opera House

It is available from

t isn’t on iTunes but that may change.

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

What Do You Think About This Album?

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If not, what do you think is wrong with it?

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