Neil Diamond Hot August Night 1972

Hot August Night is a live double album by Neil Diamond, recorded at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in August 1972.

It has been released in a number of different versions with extra songs being added each time.

Neil Diamond Hot August Night

Neil Diamond Hot August Night

Set List

Disc 1:

Prologue – 3:08
Crunchy Granola Suite – 4:26
Done Too Soon – 3:22
Dialogue – 1:23
Solitary Man – 3:14
Cherry Cherry – 4:43
Sweet Caroline – 4:06
Porcupine Pie – 1:51
You’re So Sweet – 2:18
Red Red Wine – 4:19
Soggy Pretzels – 2:57
Gitchy Goomy – 3:49
And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind – 4:22
I Think It’s Going To Rain Today – 4:12
Shilo – 3:29
Modern Day Version Of Love – 3:31
Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon – 2:48
Walk On Water – 3:06
Kentucky Woman – 1:51
Stones – 3:43
Musician Intros – 7:25

Disc 2:

Play Me – 4:45
Canta Libre – 5:27
Morningside – 5:36
Song Sung Blue – 4:53
Cracklin’ Rosie – 2:45
Holly Holy – 6:19
I Am…I Said – 6:09
Soolaimon/Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show – 9:36

What People Say About Hot August Night

I’ve seen it in one best live albums list:    95

It’s popular at Amazon


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