10cc Alive In Japan 1993

Alive In Japan is a live album by art rock / pop rock band 10cc.

The live albums issued under the 10cc brand name are very confusing and it appears that Ali9ve in Japan is an extended version of 10cc Live.

This is another album by the Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart version of the band so the emphasis is on melodic pop but without the earlier inventiveness that the original foursome created..

10cc Alive In Japan

10cc Alive In Japan

Set List

Disc: 1

1. Wall Street Shuffle (Sheet Music)
2. I’m Mandy Fly Me (How Dare You)
3. Good Morning Judge (Deceptive Bends)
4. Welcome To Paradise (Meanwhile)
5. Things We Do For Love (Deceptive Bends)
6. Across The Universe (cover of The Beatles song)
7. Stars Didn’t Show (Meanwhile)
8. Art For Art’s Sake (How Dare You)
9. Paperback Writer (cover of The Beatles song)
10. Shine A Light In The Dark (Meanwhile)

Disc: 2

1. Feel The Benefit (Deceptive Bends)
2. Dreadlock Holiday (Bloody Tourists)
3. I’m Not In Love (The Original Soundtrack)
4. Bullets Medley (Rubber Bullets; Silly Love; Life is a Minestrone) (10cc / Sheet Music / The Original Soundtrack)
5. Slow Down (cover of Larry Williams song)

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