What is The Best 10cc Live Album?

What is the best 10cc live album?

This underrated group created some great singles in the mid 70s and a live album with a beef-up “in concert” sound should be great.

I’m not sure it works out quite like that with 10cc because of the split in the group after the How Dare You studio album.

The 10cc live album the world wants will have all four original members and be recorded in 1975 or 76.

We don’t yet have that. We have an early live recording after the Sheet Music album and then a number of live albums released without featuring Kevin Godly and Lol Creme.

What is The Best 10cc Live Album?

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With their clever and often funny lyrics and complex tunes I think of 10cc as an art rock group. They were too good to be considered a pop group and didn’t have the instrumental pretensions to be prog rock. They weren’t AOR.

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