10cc Live In Concert 1977

10cc Live In Concert is a live album by 10cc that I found when I was looking through my iPod and I realised I hadn’t mentioned it on here..

This was issued by Pickwick Records originally in 1977.

I think it is a shortened version of the Live and Let Live album recorded in 1977.

While the album cover has the four original members of 10cc on it, this is 10cc with Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman but without Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.

10cc Live In Concert

LP Pickwick Records PWKS 4050

Set List

  1. Second Sitting for the Last Supper  (originally recorded on The Original Soundtrack studio album)
  2. You’ve Got a Cold (Deceptive Bends)
  3. The Things We Do for Love (Deceptive Bends)
  4. Art for Art’s Sake (How Dare You)
  5. People in Love (Deceptive Bends)
  6. The Wall Street Shuffle (Sheet Music)
  7. I’m Mandy, Fly Me (How Dare You)
  8. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous (Deceptive Bends)
  9. Good Morning Judge (Deceptive Bends)
  10. Honeymoon With B Troop (Deceptive Bends)
  11. Waterfall (a terrific B side of the Rubber Bullets single)
  12. I’m Not in Love (The Original Soundtrack)

The tracks are in a different order to Live and Let Live although the first two are the same but then Honeymoon With B Troop follows instead of The Things We Do For Love.

10cc Live In Concert has 12 tracks whilst Live And let Live has 15. The three missing are:

Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night
Feel The Benefit (Deceptive Bends)
Modern Man Blues (Deceptive Bends)

I did a search for set lists from 10cc concerts in 1977 and it appears that the Deceptive Bends dominated Live and Let Live was very much the standard set of 15 songs so it doesn’t look as if there is likely to be any kind of extended release which gives us more of the early classics live like Donna, Rubber Bullets, Silly Love, The Dean And I or Life Is A Minestrone.

In fact it looks as if Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart were trying to deny the existence of the other two members. They share writing credits with both on Second Sitting for the Last Supper and with Kevin Godley on I’m Mandy Fly Me but otherwise it is the Gouldman / Stewart show.

I may moan but it’s pretty good and I’m delighted that Waterfall appears on the album.

The band members introduced as players on the album (at the beginning of Art For Art’s Sake) were:

Eric Stewart: lead vocals, guitar, grand piano, electric piano
Graham Gouldman: lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar
Rick Fenn: lead guitar
Tony O’Malley: vocals, keyboards
Paul Burgess: drums
Stuart Tosh: backing vocals, drums

Buying 10cc Live In Concert

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What Do You Think?

Pickwick released budget albums so I will have picked this album up cheap.

Do you think I’m missing much by not having the three extra tracks on Live And Let Live?

Do you think this is the best 10cc live album?

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