10cc In Concert 1975 (King Biscuit Flower Hour)

10cc In Concert is the UK version of the King Biscuit Flower Hour recording of all the original members of 10cc performing live from the Original Soundtrack tour in November 1975 in Santa Monica.

Strangely, the performance didn’t include any of the tracks from thealbum they were recording.

At least this is the proper 10cc, unlike Live and Let Live and 10cc Live.

10cc In Concert

10cc in concert

10cc In Concert Set List

  1. Intro/Silly Love  (Sheet Music)
  2. Baron Samedi (Sheet Music)
  3. Old Wild Men  (Sheet Music)
  4. The Sacro Iliac (Sheet Music)
  5. Somewhere In Hollywood (Sheet Music)
  6. Donna (10cc)
  7. Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night, Do They? (10cc)
  8. Worst Band In The World (Sheet Music)
  9. Wall Street Shuffle (Sheet Music)
  10. Rubber Bullets (10cc)

This is a much tougher, harder-edged band than you’d expect from the cultured, quirky pop shown on their singles and first two studio albums.

I think this version of 10cc will be an acquired taste and it’s probably best to start with 10cc and Street Music, get to know the songs and then I think you’ll enjoy the raw live versions much more than you will coming cold to them.

The good news is that you can hear the full concert (but not download it at the moment) from Wolfgang’s Vault.

Here are some videos of the original line up of 10cc performing live in concert.

I’m Not In Love (not on the album) from Knebworth in 1976, their last concert and the first verse is missing.

Rubber Bullets also from Knebworth in 1976

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