Neil Young Cow Palace 1986

Cow Palace 1986 is a live recording by Neil Young.

It was recorded in San Francisco on the 21st November, 1986 and was broadcast on KLOS FM.

Neil Young Cow Palace 1986

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Neil Young Live in Chicago 1992

Live in Chicago 1992 is a live recording and DVD by Neil Young which is not an official release by the artist.

It was recorded on November 17, 1992 from the Dreamin’ Man tour following the release of Harvest Moon which gave us an official live album with ten songs, and a solo acoustic live version of Harvest Moon.

Neil Young Live In Chicago 92

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Donovan Rising / Atlantis / The Classics Live / 25 Years In Concert 1971 1981

Rising is a live album by Donovan.

The album was released in the UK and the USA. When it was re-released, it was renamed The Classics Live in America, 25 Years In Concert in Europe and Atlantis in the UK

It was originally thought that these songs were recorded between 1982 and 1986 but research revealed the sources as a U.S. tour in 1971 and from the Cambridge Folk Festival of 1981.

Donovan Rising

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