James Taylor Live 1992

Live is a live album by James Taylor.

It was recorded in November 1992 released in August 1993.The original album was a double CD with 30 songs on it. A 17 song version called Best Live was also released in 1993 and an even shorter version, still called Best Live with 12 songs was released the following year.

James Taylor Live

James Taylor Live

Set List

Disc: 1

1. Sweet Baby James
2. Traffic Jam
3. Handy Man
4. Your Smiling Face
5. Secret O’ Life
6. Shed A Little Light
7. Everybody Has The Blues
8. Steamroller Blues
9. Mexico
10. Millworker
11. Country Road
12. Fire And Rain
13. Shower The People
14. How Sweet It Is
15. New Hymn

Disc: 2

1. Walking Man
2. Riding On A Railroad
3. Something In The Way She Moves
4. Sun On The Moon
5. Up On The Roof
6. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
7. She Thinks I Still Care
8. Copperline
9. Slap Leather
10. Only One
11. You Make It Easy
12. Carolina In My Mind
13. I Will Follow
14. You’ve Got A Friend
15. That Lonesome Road

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  1. You’re forgetting James Taylor’s album One Man Band. Includes acoustic versions of tracks that were on the earlier Live album.

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