JJ Cale Live 1990 to 1996

JJ Cale Live is the first live album released by the singer songwriter in 2001.

Thyere’s no doubt that JJ Cale had a style that went on to be an influence for other artists. He came to my attention through Eric Clapton and the two songs “After Midnight” and “Cocaine”. His mellow guitar style can be seen in plenty of the classic rock Clapton songs from the early 1970s onwards.

There’s also a strong link into Dire Straits.

JJ Cale died on July 26, 2013.

JJ Cale Live

JJ Cale Live

Set List

After Midnight – 3:06 (originally on the studio album Naturally)
Old man – 2:50
Call me the breeze – 5:36 (Naturally)
Sensitive kind – 4:05 (5)
Cocaine – 3:07 (Troubadour)
Money talks – 4:32 (8)
River boat song – 3:08 (Travel Log)
Living here too – 3:32
Mama don’t – 4:32 (Shades)
People lie – 3:01
Humdinger – 4:25 (Travel Log)
Thirteen days – 3:29 (5)
Magnolia – 3:02 (Naturally)
Ride me high – 5:52 (Troubadour)

This is a compilation of tracks recorded live in the USA and Europe between 1990 and 1996.

On the plus side, that should mean an excellent choice of songs and the chance to find the best versions with the best atmosphere.  On the downside, you lose the authenticity of one concert (at best) or one tour with the same backing band.

What we get is a mixed bag that doesn’t do justice to JJ Cale.

According to besteveralbums.com, the best studio albums by JJ Cale are 1) Naturally (from 1971), 2) Troubadour (from 1976) and Shades (from 1981). How representative this is I’m not sure although those first two are the albums with the songs made famous by Eric Clapton. In my opinion, Cale is under-represented as Naturally is only just ranked in the all time top 3,000 and just 64th for 1971.

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