Joan Armatrading Live All The Way From America

Live: All The Way From America is a live album by British singer songwriter Joan Armatrading.

It was released in 2004.

Joan Armatrading Live: All The Way From America

joan armatrading live al the way from america

Set List

  1. Down To Zero – 4:14 (originally on the studio album Joan Armatrading)
  2. All The Way From America – 3:25 (Me Myself I)
  3. Prove Yourself – 4:07 (Lovers Speak)
  4. Physical Pain – 4:12 (Lovers Speak)
  5. Tender Trap – 4:38 (Lovers Speak)
  6. The Weakness In Me – 3:53 (Walk Under Ladders)
  7. Let’s Talk About Us – 5:39 (Lovers Speak)
  8. Join The Boys – 3:21 (Joan Armatrading)
  9. Save Me – 4:08 (Joan Armatrading)
  10. Love And Affection – 4:39 (Joan Armatrading)
  11. Lovers Speak – 5:34 (Lovers Speak)
  12. Rosie – 3:58
  13. Kissin’ And A Huggin’ – 5:50 (Show Some Emotion)
  14. Me Myself I – 4:39 (Me Myself I)
  15. Willow – 6:02 (Show Some Emotion)
  16. Blessed – 2:12 (Lovers Speak)

Six songs from the Lovers Speak album Joan Armatrading was promoting and four from her classic album from 1976 called Joan Armatrading and various hits from the late 1970s and early 1980s make this an interesting but not definitive set list.


It’s a lively performance without being definitive.

Atmosphere and Authenticity

This is where the album runs into trouble:

  • the audience is quiet
  • a lack of banter and song introductions
  • it was recorded 25 years after Joan Armatrading was at her peak as a creative artist.

Overall Rating

I’m a Joan Armatrading fan and it’s nice to listen to this album but it’s more of a souvenir for people who went to any of the gigs on the Lovers Speak tour than a great summary of her contribution to popular music.

However, if you combine it with Steppin’ Out, her 1979 live album or the Steppin’ Out DVD which is longer and includes performances from 1979 and 1980, you have a better summary of her career.

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