Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol 1 2005

Solo Acoustic Vol 1 is a live album by Jackson Browne featuring him playing his songs solo with an acoustic guitar and a piano. It was recorded in 2005.

When I was a student in the late 1970s, I used to play his album The Pretender when I was feeling down. It helped a lot to lift my mood.

It was such a success that a few years later, he followed it up with Solo Acoustic Vol 2.

Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol 1

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Songs On Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol 1

  1. Barricades of Heaven – 5:59
  2. Intro-These Days – 1:43
  3. These Days – 3:39
  4. Intro-Birds of St. Marks – 0:29
  5. Birds Of St. Marks – 4:46
  6. Intro-Fountain Of Sorrow – 2:10
  7. Fountain Of Sorrow – 7:04
  8. Your Bright Baby Blues – 6:11
  9. For A Dancer – 4:47
  10. Too Many Angels – 5:07
  11. Intro-For Everyman – 1:21
  12. For Everyman – 4:36
  13. Intro-Lives In The Balance – 0:29
  14. Lives In The Balance – 3:38
  15. Intro-Looking East – 0:34
  16. Looking East – 5:42
  17. Intro-The Pretender – 0:14
  18. The Pretender – 6:39
  19. Intro-Take It Easy – 1:20
  20. Take It Easy – 4:08

This is a charming performance with Jackson Browne on his own, engaging directly with the audience. To help those people who don’t enjoy the chatter on live albums, the introductions to songs are separated as different tracks.

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You can get this live album from:

While volume 2 is available at iTunes, volume 1 isn’t (October 2014) and it’s not available as a digital download at amazon.co.uk either.

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